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What to Expect

At the initial examination we gather information about your prior dental history, any issues of concern you have about your dental health, any dental anxieties you may have as a result of experiences, and, most importantly, how we can be helpful to you as your dental care provider.

Our objective during this appointment is to give you an understanding of your dental health. In order for you to be empowered to make active future choices for yourself, it is first necessary to have a fundamental knowledge of your current level of health. In some cases, we may be able to appoint you for a cleaning on your first visit. If you would like to recieve a cleaning on your first visit, please let us know at the time you call for your appointment.

Dr. Davis’ examination of your mouth is comprehensive. It is a thorough assessment of your teeth and gum tissue, a routine oral cancer check, and an evaluation of the “mechanics” of your mouth, such as your bite and the joints and muscles related to your bite.

We are conservative about taking x-rays. However, x-rays can be an invaluable diagnostic tool during the exam process. Original x-rays (not duplicates) taken within the past year at another office can be sent to our office to avoid taking new films.

At the conclusion of the exam, following appointments can be scheduled if needed.

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