Linda Fleener


28 years on staff

“Chances are you’ll hear my voice when you call to schedule an appointment with our office. Working up in the ‘front office’, I also facilitate insurance claims and provide clients with information about recommended treatment and fees. Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to get to know many of our clients quite well. One of the most gratifying parts of my job is knowing that when someone comes through our front door, I am truly delighted to greet them and sincerely ask the question, ‘How are you?’ because I really want to know.”


Jenice Cunningham


31 years on staff

“As chairside assistant at The Center for Dental Wellness for the past 31 years, I’ve been ‘up close and personal’ with the latest clinical techniques and restorative treatments implemented in our office. In addition to assisting each client to feel as relaxed and assured throughout each procedure as possible, I also facilitate the teeth whitening process. It’s so much fun to watch people get excited about the change in color of their teeth.”

“I’m also responsible for ensuring that our infection control procedures are consistently monitored. I take pride in knowing that our standards far exceed the mandated regulations and that our clients can have peace of mind while they’re here.”


Natasha Norman


8th year on staff

“I thoroughly enjoy the learning process. And when it comes to hygiene, I want to soak up everything I can possibly learn. One of my teachers in hygiene school recognized my love for learning and inspired me to continue my education with the possibility to teach in the future. Graduate school at the University of Southern Indiana was a great experience. Now, with my education I can facilitate learning through teaching in the educational setting as well as in the dental office. While it is gratifying to teach what I know to our clients, I also learn something from each one, too. Just as in hygiene school, I try my best every day to learn as much as I can from each dentist I work for and client I treat, to make me a better clinician.”


Melissa Carrico


7th year on staff

2006 winner of the Indiana Dental Hygienists Association award for having shown the greatest proficiency in practice during her senior year.

“When I was a little girl, I absolutely loved going to the dentist and I especially loved getting my teeth cleaned. I always thought it would be so gratifying to be able to work in that environment and help people feel good when they leave their dental office. Through my last two years of high school, I volunteered in a dental office and that experience confirmed my decision to someday work in a dental office. After completing my education for dental assisting, I worked in that capacity for four years before going back to school to become a hygienist. Completing my hygiene degree at the University of Southern Indiana in Evansville was challenging with a husband and two young daughters at home. However, that discipline and commitment is made so worthwhile now that I am doing what I’ve always wanted to do.”


Whitni Fleener

whitni fleener

5th year on staff

I am excited to have joined this great team!  Here at CDW, I work closely with both Dr. Davis and the front office.  I function as an operative assistant and you will also see me if you are interested in our in office whitening, Zoom! I have been fortunate enough to be involved in the front office with everything from patient advocacy to finance.  I previously finished my dental assistant training program at Vincennes University where I enjoyed the curriculum and was further inspired to lead a life in the dental field. I love meeting new people and I find great joy in making your dental experience comfortable and assuring.  I love dentistry and I’m so grateful for the opportunity I’ve been given to work with such an experienced group and a gentle and caring doctor. In my free time, I enjoy reading and being in the outdoors with my family. I look forward to seeing you here at CDW!